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Thread: 60 bows stolen from scout group - Langton Green, nr. Tunbridge Wells

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    60 bows stolen from scout group - Langton Green, nr. Tunbridge Wells

    Just received a text from a fellow club member to advise of a huge theft of equipment from a scout group near to Royal Tunbridge Wells.

    The theft is believed to have occurred between 9:00pm last Friday and 9:00am next day - as nothing else was touched this appears to very much have been a targeted break-in.

    The following links are to Kent news sites giving background details and contacts:

    Police are hunting for 60 archery bows after a mysterious burglary in Tunbridge Wells | Kent Live

    Archery bows stolen from scouts in Langton Green

    That much beginners kit is not going to be easy to sell on (I hope) so please get the word out as much as you can and help to keep an eye open on the usual online auction & sales sites.


    I meant to do that - honest ! !

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