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Thread: Warbow Drawing Technique

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    We are hoping to publish some videos within the next few months that deal exclusively with heavy bow technique.


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    Hi Ravens-eye, the way to shoot, left arm slightly bent to miss the bow string ,start to push with the bow arm, and pull with the string arm, when you feel the weight of the bow, open you shoulders and let your body take the weight of the bow, its called shooting in the bow, it takes a time to learn, and also build your Trap ( Trapezius Muscle ) up, big muscle at the back of the shoulde.
    I donít do the war bow bits, I am just an archer bowman, I shot G N A S target archery Longbow for many years with my Ron Palmer Hickory/Piqua Longbow 107 lbs at 28 inches and 130+ lbs at
    32inches with good results,had the rule books out at many a shoot,I now rove

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    Don't read Bickerstaffe... he thinks warbows are about 80#
    The following is just my understanding and what I've been shown and tried.
    If anyone disagrees or doesn't like it ... fine... I have no desire to argue about the topic.

    1. Step left foot a step further forward and a step towards the target. (or move right foot back) to give a closed stance. (Left foot pointing at 45 degrees to target)
    2 Stick your backside out, and thrust out your chest.
    3. Lean weight onto left foot and try to avoid leaning back onto right foot while drawing... (leaning back away from target isn't actually drawing the bow.... kids at have a go days often lean back. they seem to feel it's pulling the string back)
    4. Fully utilise both arms and draw coming up as if aiming horizontal. BUT bring drawing hand high as if pulling onto your forehead... it will end up being more like eye level.
    That was the easy bit.
    At this point you'll be getting somewhere near 28" (note left hand can be a tad hight too if it helps).
    Now for the last 4" the right elbow moves back and down in a long arc of about 10" or so, this gives you extra leverage*. (the left hand may drop a tad too). Inflate chest too and push it into the bow, the shoulder/back muscles and inflating the chest will be doing all the work now. The other muscles will just be trying to stop everything collapsing!)
    You should end up with your right hand down by your right shoulder/pap. Don't worry if you physically can't reach 32" most MR arrows weren't actually 32". (I can get about 31" any more and I bruise my left pap...)
    You may find your left arm wanting to buckle, I find I have to c0ck my left hand back much more than I normally would and almost lock out the elbow.

    Hope that helps.
    It's odd shooting like that, as, at first you feel you have no idea where the arrow is pointing, but after a while the brain/body just works it out and you start homing in on the target.
    A word of warning... If you are 18, then all the "warming up" is nonsense. If you are over 60 and suddenly think .."Oh I'll get some quick video of this before the rain starts" forget it... do warm up. unless you like the idea of a pain between the shoulder blades like an irate Viking has just planted an axe there!
    * Its a bit like an over centre catch that you find on a jar or such like. A long arc of movement exerts a greater force over a shorter distance on the catch.
    This post from my blog shows the difference in style. I shoot a 70# my mate JT (who got me shooting 100#) shoots a 130# bow (which I made)... it's only just within his capability.
    Health Warning:- These posts may contain traces of nut.

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