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Thread: Warbow endurance shooting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearded bowyer View Post
    Hi everyone.
    Just been shooting with a friend and we decided to see how many arrows we could shoot through our warbows.
    Took about an hour but I managed 160 arrows through my 90lb warbow.
    I have no idea how this measures against normal warbow shoots. I'm not a member of a club but heard somewhere that 144 arrows is the norm. Absolutely knackered after!

    But they take much longer to shoot 144 arrow. Typically 3-6 hours depending on the 'formality' of the shoot.

    Eat, Drink, Shoot, Enjoy.
    Eat, drink, shoot, enjoy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by blakey View Post

    Interesting that you could shoot that many. I believe that hysterically speaking about 30 or so arrows would be loosed in the average cavalry charge,
    I'd estimate much lower numbers than that Blakey. If you consider a good bow will send an arrow 300yards, A horse at a strong canter will cover 300 yards in about 35 seconds.
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