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Thread: Warbow shooting as a martial art

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillS View Post
    That's why I mentioned Katas above. I see a well performed and executed rolling loose with a 170lb warbow in just the same way as a brown belt kata. But I'm not sure that's enough to justify either as "aesthetic" over function. If that makes sense?
    I can absolutely see the parallel between a kata and a rolling loose, having attempted both. Function can certainly be beautiful. Martial arts though has certain connotations for some people, because it is seen as violent. Tai Chi takes it to another level still. Exercise as choreography. My ambition is to one day rank as a black belt rolling looser, vegan of course, only shooting (and hitting) organic targets in a non violent manner, i.e landing in the grass. I want be be like Glenn? Shalom.


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