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Thread: Arrow Backstop netting

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    Carpet and trampoline material also do not work. I tried carpet hung in front of my steel garage door and a test arrow simply passed through and was stopped by the door. I've also made protectors out of an old trampoline base to stop faces being blown off at the 2 exposed targets at Inverawe and arrows penetrate as there is no flex. They are slung over the canopy and any arrows that are 'letter boxed' go into the stiff material. The best solution is purpose made backstop netting hung loose which will stop most arrows, but not all, or just a clear overshoot.

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    As per OP looking for a diy alternative.
    In a post on a US forum they. Used cover tarpaulins from gain trucks.
    Having been in forces, maybe canvas of a 4 Ton truck hung loose would work ... same material used in the 9x9 tents.
    Seriously industrial canvas.
    With advantage for archery it comes in olive green :-)

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    Most back stop netting will not stop an arrow from a high poundage bow from passing through it. The secondary purpose is to stop the arrow bouncing back from whatever it hits and damaging the archer. My suggestion would be to shoot up close and learn not to miss. Once you have that sorted, move a little further back. If in doubt let the arrow down.

    The great thing about a brick wall back stop is that once you miss a couple of times you don't want to do it again.

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    not tried it of course, but, based on the fact that its not the material itself that stops an arrow, ( if you string backstop netting tight, and arrow will go through)

    that builders stuff is 1 mtr by 50m, if you had it hanging loose and a few layers of it with gaps in between it would probably work,

    but its only 1mt ( 3 foot ish) wide, so you would need to haev 2 or 3 levels of it ( remember it needs to hang loose)

    I would imagine it could be done, but probably quite a lot of work / expensive to build a frame that would work properly.

    a couple of old duvets and covers would probably work just as well, I used to use a target made of a cardboard box, with an old duvet rolled up, inside, and that used to stop my arrows fine ( even at as little as 10 yards from a 36lb bow) its more about slowing the arrow ( removing kinetic energy, just so i sound clever) down rather than stopping it from pentrating if you know what I mean.

    Carpet is a pretty rubbish arrow stop, because you cant get it to be loose, its just a softer wall, and arrows like soft walls.....they dont like brick walls as much.

    200 mm isnt enough ( you need at least an arrows length between the last layer and the hard thing), but if you had a loose sheet, 50mm gap, loose sheet, 50mm gap, loose sheet, 50mm gap, loose sheet it might be

    only way to find out really, is make a temporary "Stop" put it in front of your target and try to shoot through it


    When I am shooting in my backyard, behind my target i put an old memory foam matress ( those things are great) and over the window i have a chipboard thing that i put up, leaning loosely against some washing line ( so it just bounces if you tap it).

    My daughter once hit the board and it bounced a bit, and both the window and the arrow were unharmed ( and because the board was leaning forward at teh top, the arrow bounced almost straight down)

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    Are you refering to the "safety net" around a trampoline or the trampoline itself? The latter might work, competition grade trampolines have what looks like kevlar . but that will cost more than a net. Our nets cost something like a grand to replace

    Quote Originally Posted by Breva750 View Post
    I have heard that trampoline netting is just the thing! I don't have space to practice at home, so have not tried it though.....

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    ERA Heavy Duty Backstop Netting 2.7m x 8m is about 125. You could always cut it in half at 2.7m x 4m and hang it double with at least 300mm gap between layers. Closest layer to the wall should be away from the wall by at least 500mm. I guess it all depends on your budget. Plus you have to hang the stuff.
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