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Thread: Help me secure the range tight.

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    you have to look at the all-round security. Where I used to work a very expensive computer plotter was stolen by thieves who drilled a hole in the door and used a jigsaw to cut the door in half. Door locks like the old fashioned ones they used to have on bank inner doors that throw bars out into the frame (bit like you get an garage doors but rack and pinion operated for the extra travel and strength) are brilliant if you can get hold of one.
    In the UK one particular lock maker has very strong anti-burst locks so you cant drill or shoulder the lock or door but they are also as easy as a cheap lock to pick so you will have to consider how people might try to get in. In isolated areas using a SUV to pull the doors or shutters off is not uncommon so you have to have something inside that will slow them down once they have breached the external security

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