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Thread: Ex-Prime limbs to be phased out

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    Buy the Uukhas, I guarantee you will be blown away by them.

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    you might try and find out what limbs Darrell Pace used all those years ago to shoot 1341 (in 1979). Did they even have carbon fibre limbs back then? Todays mid priced limbs are better than the top line limbs of 20yrs ago, which indicates it's how you shoot them that's more important. While I love my EX Powers, they ain't necessary for 1st class. Yesterday I shot 574 at 70m with a pair of 30lb w&w challenger limbs that coat 80 in 2003, mismatched arrows too!

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    Didn't Robin Hood do a similar thing at a hundred paces in the middle ages?
    I like technology, it makes my life easier. It may not make me a "bowman" (I'll look it up) but I'll take any advance in technology wether it improves my scores or not-but makes my archery "easier"
    As a btw, I tried some 7yr old Border limbs tonight, so smooth & 4-6lb heavier than the limbs I'm using now-but easier to draw, who wouldn't want a limb (if I stay at the same poundage) that would be like pulling a limb "X" number of lbs lighter.
    I won't get a higher score (that comes with technique & arrows down the field) but an easier & more consistent "setup" would improve my enjoyment.
    BTW I started playing tennis at 5, gave up wooden racquets as a teenager, alloys through 20s & 30s, composite alloys in my 40s & finished my tennis life career using carbon composite racquets. None of which made me a better tennis player-but made my tennis easier. My Dunlop woodies cost 25 & with sponsored discount I was getting my CF racquets 500 (matched pairs-same batch numbers) I know which racquets I'd choose if I had a match tomorrow.

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    Thanks for all the comments guys, I do appreciate them. To answer my original question myself though (for anyone interested), yes Win & Win are phasing out the ex-primes (and presumably the ex-powers as well). I got the info from Clickers archery. They said that the two main European distributors are no longer listing the matt version of the limbs at all and the standard glossy ones are currently on nine week backorder. By happy coincidence Clickers told me though they had a pair of second hand ex-primes in good condition at a good price, so I snapped them up. Now to answer a few other comments made. I am pretty sure somewhere there is an unbeaten 30 year old world record from someone shooting with a stick and a washing line but it doesn't help me in the fact that I needed more powerful limbs. and yes I know that throwing more money at equipment won't make me a better archer - but sometimes it does make it easier and more enjoyable. Honestly it's the same with any hobby men pursue. If I go onto a guitar forum there will be people all the time asking if they should spend three thousand pounds on a Fender custom shop Stratocaster and twice as many people telling them that if you can play well a 300 Mexican copy will sound as good. It's true. I've played both, and I'm just as rubbish on both but BY GOD is the custom shop guitar easier to play, nicer to hold and much more beautiful to look at, and yes maybe it does inspire confidence just enough to actually make people play a bit better. So yep, I've bought some ex-primes. I don't expect I'll improve particularly for having them but the extra poundage will help me and I'll feel good shooting them.

    cheers guys, happy shooting!

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