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    I'm sticking exclusively with Fast Flight +, after a visit to Mellerstain, and Sid's recommendation.
    14 strand works for me (apart from the centre serving getting loose a little quicker on the nocks!)

    It's really this question on the lock bolts giving false bottom readings that's puzzling me, can't understand how a "backed off" lock bolt could interfere with the limb bolts finding their bottom setting.

    Just a couple of other points to throw in the mix as random findings.

    1. My Arten Olympic sight didn't work on the Tempest, as the vertical elevation bar fouls on the back button placement. May be the same for the Angel sight with the riser mounted elevation bar, but I haven't tried that. Ended up using a Shibuya sight which fits in the "normal" way.

    2. It's a devil to attach wrist slings to the riser and get them to stay put, due to the curves. I ended up attaching an Easton "Stiffy" sling to the rear of the riser by using the threaded hole below the handle, and one of the brass weights as a retainer. Works perfectly!

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    I haven't found this issue with the lock bolts. But I have always just taken everything completely apart when I get a new (to me) riser to clean out threads etc. It's easy to work out numbers of turns etc from there.
    I have a Spigarelly carbon 30 sight that fits perfectly. I can use either of the button placements, but tend to use the furthest one from me - plenty of clearance and less influence from my sometimes twitchy bow hand. I'd recommend using a finger sling rather than a wrist sling on all bows, regardless of fit. In my experience wrist slings are a starting point for no end of bad habits!
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