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Thread: Too soon to write off 2018 ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by little-else View Post
    well, I broke 2 arrows and a bowstring on wednesday and the replacement string lost its brass nock yesterday. My shooting partner moaned constantly about his performance doing a WA70m despite getting a score of 240 odd to my 150. Apparently the sunshine and lack of wind is more off putting than shearing your arrows in half due to a gale. Still at least I can now donate another set of wooden arrows to the juniors as I no longer have enough of that dozen to shoot and so have shortened them by 3" to match the broken ones.
    Bloody physiscs

    That sounds like a nightmare session - on the upside your juniors wil be grateful.

    Dental floss nocks are the way to go though, saves a lot of wear on a tab too.

    I meant to do that - honest ! !

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