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Hi Steve, i've been shooting in Berlin for the past 20 years. We don't have 1st, 2nd class etc.like in the uk. You just shoot in your age group and get on with it. The only way to measure performance is to collect your target badges at 70m. White badge is for 500 points, black is 550, red is 600 and so on. These can also be gained at 18m. I shoot recurve and in competition we have to shoot 3 Spot targets. Kids and bare bow shoot larger targets. I just turned 50 this year so Now i shoot 60m outdoors in comps and i don't think there are badges for that Distance but i could be wrong. So the only way to get my net badge is to shoot bester at 18m. Hope this helps.
Regards, John.
they can be claimed also for cadet and master - you get silver looking metal instead of gold on the badges. So you can start all over again :-)