Hi All,

I have a PSE Supra (2017) currently set at 75% let-off.
However, I wish to change this to 65%.

I believe that this involves changing a module that is attached to the side of the lower cam (rather than the cams themselves)(?).
The problem is that I'm relatively new to this and not entirely certain what I'm after, so a little help would be great!

I believe that the bow has the Hybrid Drive cam system, and more specifically the DM variety.

I can find a 65% let-off module for sale advertised as 'PSE - MODULE DC/MD CAM 65% LET-OFF' on a popular online archery store (not sure I can link to a specific retailer, but it's easy to find). Now, I know that both the DC and MD are in the Hybrid Drive series so my question is is this the same 65% let-off module as fits the DM cams that I want, or not?

And if not, can anyone point me to the correct part that I need or a part number (I have been finding it hard to get a part number - it was so much easier when I needed spares for my Shibuya sight!!)

Thanks in advance.