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Thread: Handicap?

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    I can assure you that I am trying with this. I sit on the committee and when I try and push somehting like this forward it is defeated by an overwhelming majority vote. The only plus side is that our chair is fed up of organising everything so hopefully that will turn the tide. One of our parallel clubs will actively work against any change to the status quo or even accept that the rules have changed over the last few years so you can have another set of sighting arrows in a WA clout match, records can be attained in a second round of the day etc. This means that you organise say a summer evening match and it gets left off the club circular because it isnt convenient for a couple of people and they then bend the ear of the newsletter editor and it disappears for another year. Another trick is to change the date at short notice so you cant effectively rearrange things. This then comes back to bite us all because no-one will them put any effort into helping with activities that advertise the club well in the larger community.
    Stand as chairman at the next AGM

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