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    When I bought my full Uukha set up a year ago, I shot it for 2 months with a full set of HMC+ stabilisers.

    I changed them out for a set of Nano stabilisers.

    Why did I change- I wanted carbon stabilisers to match my new bow and limbs

    Could I tell the difference - Honestly no,

    Did the change make me happy -Yes it did, they look lovely.

    Do they make me shoot better - No, not in themselves, but yes as they make me happy....

    Buy the ones you like and can afford, they perform the same.


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    Like all tweaks and twiddles you have to try them out.. but I understand in this day of click and buy sometimes its a faff to return stuff you dont like. Thats the good thing about shops.. you can try before you buy. i am lucky to have an excellent bow shop 40 mins from me here in Germany.

    I dont really care which top archers are using what, when and how.. its all down to you at the end of the day. You are the one taking the shot. Its you who is going to feel the reaction in the bow. Its very subjective. Very individual. Its like these Korean made tabs.. Fivics or something.. Nearly everyone in my club uses them. I use an Arcosport Personal Tab, for me its flippin brilliant. I would not touch another. Maybe they have seen everyone else using those tabs so they make themselves believe that its right for them. A little confidence is needed to trust in your instinct. This can only get better with time.

    If you have to guess between the two I would go with quality. Especially with long rods they have to be straight.. bearing in mind that the long rod bushing on your riser is straight. if you are clicking and buying then look for reviews that give an idea on quality. I use a win&win hmc and its very good quality. Straight.. and its nearly got me my second Fita Star.

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