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Thread: Pain in the Neck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomVis View Post
    You gave your own answer. You could be shrugging your shoulders and/or lowering your head (to the string) during the draw.
    Setting your shoulder(blade)s low requires you to relax your neck muscles. Muscle-pain in the neck tells us you're not relaxing you neck muscles. Focusing on standing up straight and deliberately setting your shoulders wide and low can help with this.
    Thanks ThomVis for these tips, I will put them into practice at the next opportunity. As you point out, I know tension somewhere up there is the problem and hope pointers such as yours will lead me to a solution.

    Cheers, Bill

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    I twanged my neck (well my trapezius) the morning on my draw arm - nowt to do with archery, just did a slightly OTT morning stretch and it went.
    Must be getting old...

    Oh hang on, I already am old.
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