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Thread: Is Compound real Archery..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
    Not from the word "archery", it seems:
    the french "L'arc Tirez" predates your dictionary definition. Guns firing on open sights arent artillery, pounding an unseen target behind a hill is and named thus from the use of the bow for the same purpose. A good roving clout will include targets that can only be reache4d in such a manner so over trees, hedges etc where the angle of dangle would be forbidden in any other branch of archery.

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    It may do, but I've yet to find evidence of that when searching for etymology of both terms. If you have a link to evidence, I'd be interested to see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StevoNilo View Post

    Just wanted to throw it out there. I know it could be a delicate subject and I guess it may of been discussed before.

    I must stress I have nothing against the Compound world. In hunting situations I guess they are much more practical. They are compact and have flat trajectories. Any bow with at least 40lbs can kill almost anything that casts a shadow within 30m.

    I also understand that many compound shooters are tremendously over bowed. It is a sport that has very macho overtones and lots of barbed wire tattoos!!

    Compound archers enjoy a huge ergonomic advantage. Basically you pull a trigger to fire the arrow, but I see that for people who cannot shoot more traditionally for one reason or another its a great thing.

    For me.. I have always been a recurve shooter. There is something about imparting ALL the energy yourself that sends off the arrow. You really feel part of the shot when you carry the whole load across your back. Anything less than that then it feels very empty and that I am no longer an active part of the shot.

    Thoughts anyone??
    Amazing! Practicaly everything you just said was wrong...impressive.
    I've shot all types and to me compound is the most engaging, most difficult and requires the most amount of skill, making it the most rewarding.
    You should try shooting a compound, you might like it, why limit yourself because of uninformed assumptions? oh and isn't Germany full of macho barb wire tattooed dudes anyway?
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    I took up Archery last year and went for compound partly because the kit is so adjustable - less chance of getting the "wrong" bow. And I'd also been wanting to get an air rifle but was vetoed by the wife (yes I am an adult but I also prefer to get on with her!) for various reasons.

    I have no real idea why but a potentially far more destructive compound bow was okay - so I got my son a terrible Barnett for Christmas (oops), returned that, got us both Hoyts, we both picked it up quickly, I got a bit carried away on kit, made some bad choices (like changing to a 195 hand release I didn't get on with!!), had a horrible run of bad form and the odd minor injury, didn't get on with the timings or location of our new Winter indoor range (now moved again!) so am hoping we can dive back in from the 23rd March when we shoot outdoors again at our lovely range on a country estate. Been pinging in the garden but the weather has been so consistently poor it's been less than I've wanted to shoot.
    But what I have done has been back to something respectable again. Fingers crossed for the outdoor season!
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    Is it real archery? I know one thing it's frustrating, immensely pleasurable, easy to get ok but a b**ch to perfect. There's always another bow or bits which are a must have. You want harder, go old school - fingers and no sights. Now compare all that to a twig.
    As for the macho tattoo thing, yes we can look as rough as a bears bum but that dodgy looking fat bloke goes from giggling with his mates to a point focused zen like state at full draw in the blink of an eye and then back again. And if you're really lucky you've blown a lovely hole in Bambi's strawberry.
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