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Thread: County selection - how does your county choose?

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    I wonder if one day archery might embrace technology for stuff like this.

    If only a county website had a portal where an archer like myself with delusions of adequacy could simply input their scores directly and could indicate their availability for matches and then the selection committee could just uplift data from that database to shortlist from.

    What am I thinking of ��

    I meant to do that - honest ! !

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    Like all things that are good ideas it will take someone a bit of effort to actually set the thing up and then once done it will just about run itself. It is that first step that is the problem. The virtual archery league has a similar portal this year that now works properly so perhaps you could get in touch with their organisers to see how they went about the task. I'nm sure that it wil be just an adaptation of some off the shelf software so wont be expensive or cumbersome.
    Now when it comes to actualo tournamants you will have the problem of where and when, some clubs that have hosted county tournaments are getting fed up withy the lack of support with the logistics from the rest of the county but to be honest it is difficult for other clubs to do much as they wont have the access requierd anyway. Reduced entry fee for home club members who put in a bit of work?

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    "Who can shoot 90m, him, he'll do..." That seemed to be the way I was selected last year any way.

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