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Thread: Recurve Riser ILF. Need to Identify Make & Model

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    Well following your thoughts... I took out the countersunk screws... they didn't fit any sight holes etc and there was nothing other than the 2 parts of the assembly.
    So i swapped their positions top bolt to bottom of riser and bottom bolt to top of riser...
    much stiffer to engage and then tightening the countersunk screws set them firmly in place.
    I figure they have been removed and were easier to insert the wrong way!
    So thats a result and I got to find out what the make & model was... probably would have never questioned that!

    Many thanks....

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    I sometimes think the archery equivalent of alt-ctl-delete is "take it out and swap it round"...
    Ever tried? Ever failed?
    Try again. Fail again. Fail better! - Beckett

    The marksman who hesitates is lost. Just take it for granted that you are going to hit and fire away before you have time to doubt the certainty of success. - Annie Oakley, 1894.

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    yep... and never take anything at face value.
    just set it up and nice and straight... feels positive.

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    That brings back memories... The petron extreme was a lovely riser when I was using one about 5 or 6 years ago. Very solid in the hand (although I did modify the grip) and I liked the limb adjustment once I'd figured it out.
    I believe my PB 70 round of 672 was shot with it and a set of Winex's.

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