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Thread: HMPE Strings

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    I have never found out whether the S Koreans use original fastflight always woolly answers when asked.

    Not available these days but I guess they would have massive reels of it.

    BCY 652 Spectra which is the same as original fastflight.

    652 Spectra Bowstring
    Spectra bowstring, same as the original Fast FlightTM - still the choice of many recurve shooters worldwide. Available in solid colors.

    Recommended strands: 18-20 (+/- 2)
    Approximate feet per pound waxed: 8,200
    Spool sizes: 1/4 lb., or 1 lb.

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    I watched a long video a couple of years ago about the S Korean selection shoot, and in the background of one of the scenes I saw a massive spool of Angel material sitting on a shelf.
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