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Thread: Target to field - who has made the move

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    Good posts Geoff and Bowman. As an update the land we were going to rent has fallen through due to the landowner deciding he could squeeze more money out of us.
    We have decided that it would be better to join an already established field club. It will be cheaper and the set up and targets are already there. The nearest club to us is Butsfield Bowmen in Durham and we are going to sort something out after the New Year holidays.
    As for competitions, I just feel that at 68 I am a bit old for it and just want to enjoy flinging arrows in the countryside at variable distances. I can't speak for the others of course, as they are all younger than me. \i'm at that stage of life where everyone seems younger than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by English Bowman View Post
    Don't write of the idea of competitions entirely, for most people it's more about the social aspect of enjoying a course with like minded people than winging and bringing home a medal. Think of it as an extended club, where you get to meet other like minded archers to have a great day's shooting with.
    I can second this.

    Even when I was actually in a group with people I was directly competing against, it was a lot more friendly than target.

    I think its part of why I had such a good season last year; it was much more like shooting at the club than I find at target events (even though I shoot in a target club)

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