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Thread: How do you know if you’re over bowed?

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    Shot a 35 lb bow last night instead of my own 45 lb bow.

    Found I could focus more on how I was lining myself up and thought I was maybe slightly more consistent- given it was the first time Id shot that bow.

    The major benefit was not having to walk so far to collect the ones that missed the boss...

    Other observations :

    10 lbs makes a huge difference to range, the arrows run out of steam very suddenly.
    Having the luxury of a long hold time at full draw isn’t necessarily conducive to accuracy..
    Cheap bows are as accurate as expensive ones but don’t feel as nice to shoot.
    I’ve a LOT to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernowlad View Post
    Coming from a lifetime of weights, I reckon that would actually be really darn hard.

    Let's say you have a 50lbs (well 52lbs for me) compound; that's 500lbs of just pulling, around 250lbs drawn weight for a total of 1 minute 40 second and with almost no rest.

    I honestly think that would be very tricky yet have no problems pulling that weight in competitions (when I don't get the dreaded wobbles).
    I think the idea was to give you some idea of a comfortable weight to draw. Another source suggested sitting on a chair with your feet off the ground. If you could draw the bow without putting your feet on the ground that should also be OK.

    I'm just repeating what others have written - I cannot confirm it's accuracy.

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    With a compound I always draw on the horizontal or as near as makes no difference, when you see people having to draw down as I call it or sky drawing then it's a pretty sure sign of being over bowed. The degree people do this also seems to be a good indicator of how overbowed. Weirdly it seems to be tolerated to a larger extent with recurve archers than it ever has before or maybe it's down to the individual judges as to how much they're prepared to tolerate and by who.
    As an after thought I never got the point of trying to draw up which I've always found to be hard,wildly counter intuitive and pointless. Does anyone really do it?
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    I always thought that 'sky drawing' was an illegal draw due to the dangers of accidentally loosing an arrow into the unknown outside of the range safety area.

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    Sky drawing was accepted when I started shooting. It makes some sort of sense when someone explains it, but safety didn't come into that.
    As for drawing down, I have seen an archer drawing that way, but mainly on the draw arm. The bow arm is close to stable.
    A V draw is similar to drawing down, if "down" means from below chin/shoulder level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by albatross View Post
    I read somewhere that if you draw the bow and hold for 10 secs. Relax. Draw again and hold for 10 secs.

    If you can repeat this sequence 10 times the draw weight should be OK for you. If not!
    Patrick told me longer numbers last time I chatted to him at a shoot, but he may have been winding me up. Though i've heard Richard Priestman give similar numbers to the 30/30/30 that Patrick said to me.

    You also shouldn't go for the minimum required to be ok, but see it for what it is - the absolute bare minimum.

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