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Thread: Fivics Titan X2 - v - WNS ATF

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    Fivics Titan X2 - v - WNS ATF

    I'm in the difficult position of having to choose between two risers i.e. the Titan X2 or the W&W ATF.

    As a relative newbie to the sport even I appreciate that this is a difficult question to ask / answer but I would very much appreciate any opinions on the merits / disadvantages of either and particularly any comments from those who have actual experience of any or both of the two.



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    I haven't shot either but my advice is shoot them both (if possible) and see which one you prefer.

    Once you get beyond a certain point it all comes down to personal preference. I love how the Wiawis sits, shoots and feels (especially after I altered the grip shape), so I will shoot that until it disintegrates or the unlikely event I get sponsored; but I have friends who think the Wiawis is the worst riser ever (for the exact reasons I like it)
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