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Thread: Trad bow

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    Others will know far more than I on this (I am not a coach....), but I think ideally you use your dominant eye to decide whether to shoot left or right handed. For example, I write left handed but am right eye dominant, therefore I shoot with a right handed bow. Drawing with the right hand actually came quite naturally, while a left handed draw feels kind of alien now... Another possibility if you find you cannot get on with a left handed draw, is to train yourself to use your non dominant eye to aim.

    How much archery experience have you got? Based on the sort of questions you're asking, my advice would be to if possible find a club where you can get some instruction and maybe try left and right handed shooting before buying. The Bearpaw Penthalon Blackfoot, I've got no experience of (I have an "Oak Ridge" flat bow to dip my toe in the water with traditional type bows) but it looks a nice and relatively affordable AFB. I presume it would suit instinctive aiming/gap shooting rather than say, string walking which you can do with a modern bare bow recurve.

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    Thanks JonUK76 that to aim with right i is hard and swiching to left bows i must try and contact bow club. Thanks

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