One of our club members, Danny Walsh, had his bow stolen on the 14th from a field off the B6135 Wakefield Road in Drighlington.

It is a purple Stylist riser with white limbs and a black longrod, so quite distinctive.

The only photo I can link to at the moment is here:[0]=68.ARCoi-c5mogv6lH-reHxS8kpM3XZ10l6BFhA6-X3OximXWudrBD7yfdhBZo-HCw0048O5FEVgCCiOxE1lzskIAd6F5ddpf0ufTGOH3LtUQrteU oW9IqGhsg4XlOTTXoSTJhUurHtmeH6&__tn__=C-R

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