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Thread: WNS Carbon/Foam Limbs

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    So here is the thing, too late for the OP as he has altered the limbs:

    If a manufacture has a "tolerance" for their product it MUST have already been stated and available for viewing, they cannot just say it is within tolerance and leave it at that. The best example in archery is Easton giving definite tolerances for all their shafts, if you then buy some and they do not conform to this you can complain. If however the manufacture has not specified an allowable tolerance it is more than likely you would win as case in court ageing that without doing so they have by omission lead you to believe that all their products are zero tolerance.

    The next time anyone is told "oh that's all right it is within tolerance" your first question should then be "ah right OK where can I find what these tolerances are", if they cannot point to them being in a "reasonably accessible" location (including the makers web site) then they are not applicable as you would not have been able to know about them at the time of purchase. Too many companies use these terms to excuse bad quality control and a lack of consistency and that is not good enough. Just saying well there are not very expensive so what do you expect is also no an acceptable response.

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    How I wish you had posted before I repaired the defect. Thinking out loud. Would raising the matter with trading standards be any good as I was 'forced' into repairing the defects by their misleading statement. Probably not. But it might make this company less 'cavalier' with their statements with future customers.

    As an aside. I have just purchased some new 'expensive' arrow shafts from a rival company. They may have cost me a bit more, but I am aware of two other sales they have lost over the way they dealt with this.

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