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Thread: Limb weight for longer distances

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    The question that does not seem to have been asked is, at 80 yards where are you anchoring (in relation to your face), how are you holding the string (split/2fingers under) and where/how are you aiming?

    If you are three fingers under and point on at 80 yards (that's me at fifty), the you could go split fingers to lower the nock and raise the pile, or you could lower your anchor ( if you are anchoring on your face you move under the chin).

    I have recently switched to recurve barebow and at the moment for an Albion i use:

    Anchoring at the side of my mouth.

    80 yards: Split fingers point on gold.

    60 Yards: Three fingers under point on 12 0'clock blue black,

    50 Yards: Three fingers under point on gold.

    I then string walk for shorter distances, I have not tried to shoot over 80 yards yet but I am guessing that I will be pretty much at the top of the boss, the problem is once you have to aim over the boss you really loose accuracy (the arrow obscures the boss), so I might have to switch to under the chin for 100 yards.


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    We sound similar! I am in my 40's, I shoot barebow, and Bowman is my next hurdle too! - I use 34# SF Elite Fibre/Foam limbs (68" total) on a Hoyt Horizon riser, coupled with fairly skinny ACCs, and I comfortably reach 100 yds ... I do have to aim over the target (but not horribly so ...I already anchor under my I am wondering about experimenting with string walking to bring my aiming point down). I'm afraid I can't tell you what I am actually pulling ... but I imagine you'll be fine. Go for it!

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