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Thread: Limb weight for longer distances

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    Limb weight for longer distances

    I've been shooting for just under a year, and I shoot modern barebow. I think I've made quite good progress (I've got my first class, and my 80-yard 252, so Bowman is my next target). I use 38" limbs (Samick Fit, on a Hoyt Alero riser, 68 inch). My question is whether 38" is really going to be enough to crack 100 yards, and get to Bowman scores and even beyond. Would it be a big advantage if I could step up to 40 or 42"?

    I'm a fairly skinny guy in my 40s, so bulking up physically is probably not much of an option. I'm comfortable with 38", but shooting something like an Albion, I do get tired towards the end. So I'm not sure there's much scope for going heavier, limbs-wise. Also, I have quite a long draw length (I use 30.5 inch arrows), so on the finger I'm already pulling 39.5". Is this going to be a big limitation, or are there people successfully shooting 100 yards barebow at that kind of poundage?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    I shot 100y with similar draw and weight otf.I used sights, but if the sight is on the gold, the arrow is lower.One thing that makes a difference is how far below your aiming eye, the arrow nock is at full draw. For example, three fingers under the arrow would move the nock closer to the eye compared to one above and two below. A short face also raises the arrow nock closer to the eye. So reaching 100y should be possible .

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