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Thread: Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit - track your shoot - turn each shoot into a competition

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    Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit - track your shoot - turn each shoot into a competition

    Hi All,

    I've developed an Android app that may be of use to some of you. It is based on the Archery GB handicap system. Rather than just be able to give you the handicap for a shoot you have just completed it allows the following:

    1. Track your progress during a round against a target handicap. The app will tell you if you are on track to meeting the target handicap either after each end, each dozen - you decide.
    2. Turn every club shoot into an ad hoc competition. So, instead of just shooting a round alongside your fellow archers you can actually also compete against them and know who is in the lead after each end, each dozen - if you wish. I hope that this might make shooting more fun.
    3. It can also be used to help with the running of club handicap shoots in that it should allow for much faster calculation of the overall result.

    A video showing the app can be found here (sorry no sound):

    The app can be purchased on the Google play store or Amazon store (sorry no iOS version).

    Additional info can be found at:

    Please note that v2.1.1 of the app is meant for transient use in that it does not store previous shoot information.

    Best regards,


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    I have used the app and like the way it works. I have said on here before that it's good to know how you are getting on in a handicap shoot, without having to wait until the end. With the app, a few archers on a target can see who is in the lead and the positions of the rest. It works with archers still on the 252 scheme, too.

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