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Thread: String walking tiller

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    String walking tiller

    Hi just a quick one, I have been having some real fun getting into string walking and the only issue so far is that as I come down to shorter distances my bow is getting quite loud (i know it is all relative). At 20 meters I am still only anchoring about an inch and a quarter below the nocking point and the shot is good (getting nice groups when I am consistent with my release) but there is quite a crack/bang on release.

    I am going to adjust the tiller a little bit and just wanted to check I have it right in my head:

    As I walk down the string I am putting more pressure on the lower limb, so if I let that one out a bit it should quieten the bow?

    Does that sound right?

    Thanks in advance


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    If you put more pressure on the bottom limb it will bend more. to counter this you will have to tighten the bottom limb bolt so the limb does not bend as much.
    just point,pull & click the mouse button

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    Many run with 0 to 5mm negative tiller (bottom gap bigger than the top).

    String walking will give you a good bow tune in one position, the rest of the crawl is a bow set up compromise so set the bow up for the most shot distance.

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