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Sorry but are presenting a false dichotomy. At no point did I suggest “super accuracy”, whatever that is.
Actually, at no point did I suggest you suggested super accuracy.

I addressed your post.

Then I continued on with another statement to the audience in general, like if I was presenting to a group.

I put this same original post on all three main international archery forums to see what would happen.

It was designed to address some of the fantasy concepts of archery throughout the entire history of mankind by pointing out the undeniable requirements for accuracy and how critical they are for obtaining it.

When we can understand how technology has allowed these components for accuracy to be achieved, it should be reasonably obvious that concepts of fantastic accuracy should be seen as impossible without them.

It becomes a case of cascading supportive reasons. The end result is not achievable without all the components in the same way that you can't take one essential component out of the achievement of putting a man on the moon. Let's just start with something as simple as processed metals? You can have everything else, but man wouldn't have walked on the moon with a wooden rocket.

The one prediction that I made with this particular forum was that English Longbowmen would pretty much be the only thing discussed.

While as a single avenue of discussion, compared to other periods in the history of archery, they had things at an incredibly high standard compared to stone age archers. They had a level of organisation, professionalism and standardisation as well as specialist manufacturing.
They fulfilled a military capability which was formidable. Long range artillery with high mobility.

But they still didn't have the capability to achieve the levels of accuracy portrayed in movie in legend.