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Thread: Accuracy claims of ancient archers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy! View Post
    Right. Where did you get the impression that I would imply that?
    Why would you disagree with something that I didn't actually state?

    It would be absolutely ludicrous to try and state that people weren't interested in hitting what they aimed at. Of course they were.
    They'd have a pretty good understanding of what they were likely to be able to achieve and at what range.
    Glad we sorted that out. It was not obvious from previous posts. Partially because you never declared the kind of accuracy claims you had a problem with, and partially because of other posters claiming the only use case for historic combat archery was massed volley fire, one of which was the post I initially responded to.


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    As a newbie, I really appreciate this discussion. Where do you get your info from, guys? Can someone recommend a good book/youtube channel/whatever on the subject of ancient archers and the accuracy of their bows?

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    Not everything that goes on is going to be explained in an easily digestible format.
    The simplest explanation of this thread is that it looks at what aspects are absolutely required for a specific outcome and then reasons that without them, the specific outcome is not achievable.

    For instance, you can't be Formula One World Champion if cars have not yet been invented.

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