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Thread: Odd results

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    Odd results

    I have made six wooden arrows, as a first go. Simple pine dowels, self nocks, shop-bought fletchings and points. They are as uniform (in terms of weight, balance and so on) as I thought I could make them, and they all look similar.

    However, when I shoot them four group well, one always goes high left, one always goes left. This from repeated grouping shoots at 10m, I haven't bothered going further with them.

    I have numbered the arrows and the holes in the paper, so I am pretty confident that it's the arrows at fault, i.e. I select the arrows at random when I shoot, I've done it enough times to eliminate the effects of my no doubt faulty technique, and yet the misses appear to be consistent.

    Where should I be looking for the fault?

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    How about the vein of the arrows, related to the nock ?
    The spine varies with the angle. If I remember correctly, preferably parallel to the string.

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    It happens... wood isn't a homogeneous material...
    Most likely cause is they have different spine. It's easy to make a quick cheap spine tester, even if you don't calibrate it, it is good for comparison.
    But then, shooting has already given you the comparison that actually matters!
    Put 'em to one side, they may group with the next batch.
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