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Thread: Which arrows for longbow?

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    Which arrows for longbow?

    Iím a recurve archer of 9 months, just got hold of a longbow that I want to try in the spry. No idea which wooden arrows to buy need some advice. My draw length is 30.5 inches, the bow is traditional without a shelf, 45lb @28 and I want to target shoot only. Not sure of spine thickness, which type of point or fletching to use? Any ideas to get me going??

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    Welcome to the stick and string club - shooting the only proper bow since before Agincourt

    As you are fairly new to archery and very new to longbow then I would suggest a ready made set, preferably from an archery store.

    On your bow a set of 5/16” Port Ortford Cedar shafted arrows, 31” long (you don’t want to overdraw and shoot through your bow hand), 100 grain brass target points, either 2.5” or 3” feather fletchings {shield or parabolic}, bog standard plastic glue-on nocks.

    Spine selection isn’t quite as exact a science in longbow as it is in recurve or compund - for a 45# LB try a set of 30-35 spine shafts - I am shooting 35-40 through my 50# Gary Evans and they are sweet.

    There are a huge selection of sets on a certain auction website, I’ve seen a lot and shot a few, but you are honestly better off with a set from an archery store - timber quality makes a huge difference in shootability plus most of those sets are fitted with field points and your club may not approve of those beating up their bosses. Please DO NOT buy bamboo arrows even for practice.

    Not sure if you are at a club or how many longbow archers they have but we are a fairly longbow heavy club and as such there are always a lot of arrow sets kicking around to try so if you can get hold of a set or two prior to ordering some then it’s a big benefit.

    I meant to do that - honest ! !



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