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Thread: To sell up or not to sell up ? That is the question

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    Hi Geoff. Long time no speak. I totally concur with you.
    Oh bliss. Engaged to a gorgeous, sensual Canadian!!!!!!! Wedding is Feb next year. Wanna come?

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    Long time indeed. 2010 I think.Hope you are well.

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    Go for it! I turned to longbow in 2016 for many of the same reasons and stored all my recurve equipment away "just in case". Came across it all again last autumn and decided I wouldn't be shooting it again as longbow is so much more fun, so sold the lot. Haven't felt the loss and the cash came in useful over Christmas.

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    While Iíve never got near your level, Iíve had ups and downs in compound archery; at the lowest ebb when I was losing £25 ACGs constantly, I nearly threw in the towel; but archery kit doesnít half depreciate and my son still enjoyed it.
    So I hung in there, weíve recently got into field archery and rejoined our local target club; I have to admit both of us find field archery far more fun but the target stuff is critical to keep your eye in plus itís a lovely club location; so weíre doing a bit of both.

    Neither of us can commit much time as we do so much other stuff but we seem to be consistently reasonable and thatís good enough.

    Looking forward to our first field archery competition!

    Hang in there; youíve already helped me out plenty of times too!

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    keep your recurve and use it for barebow as well. My form has crashed at rc and lb this year but have bought a cheap compound and do OK with it and my barebow shooting exceeds my original expectations. s others ahve siad, if you dont need the money you may well regret selling your kit as replacing it will cost you a danmed sight more. What about a set of second hand low poundage limbs- the sort that most people move up from? they can be had quite easily and although your arrows may well be mismatched for them over many dozens of shots the end ones will be better than struggling with overbowing fatigue even if the first dozen or so dont knock the middle out of the target

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    I've had similar thoughts of late, I think its the winter's shooting indoors that does it, or at least for me. There comes a time that every archer will experience at least once where the excitement goes and it becomes chasing scores. Even longbow archers go through this, I know because I am one. So it's an idea to keep another bow aside for the days where you want something different. Recently I've occasionally bringing down my horsebow and even though the arrows aren't matched at all I'm not really caring about hitting the target, in fact it's a bit of fun changing body position to try and compensate for it.
    Longbows, the real bows.

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