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Thread: Advice needed

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    This old chestnut again...

    So much conflicting advice is always given that always causes way more hassle than it needs to.
    At the end of the day shoot what suits you, not what someone tells you what they personally think is right, there is no right answer, what works for one might not for another.

    I'm left handed right eye dominant, the only thing I have to do is use the image of my sight ring / or arrow tip if I'm barebow, that appears on the right. The left image fades out anyway as you looking at the other one, brains are clever that way... 😉 In 31 years of archery I have NEVER used the wrong eye, you would instantly know if you did before you'd shot.

    I'm sorry but it's nonsense that you can't shoot as well as if you could if you use your correct eye to ascertain handedness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMuppet View Post
    In 31 years of archery I have NEVER used the wrong eye, you would instantly know if you did before you'd shot.
    Well, I turn 50 in 11 days.
    I've been shooting things since I was 8 or 9. I've never used the wrong eye either in archery, blowgun, slingshot, rifle, shotgun, rifle, pistol or submachine gun. (Blowgun and paintball I use both)
    I have discovered that I can slew occluded eye gunsights at will, which makes them innacurate if I'm not careful or really tired.
    I use either eye for my DSLR on the fly depending on what I need to do to hold the lens steady and I can make the "magic eye" 3D pictures work or not work, at will.
    I can find all the differences in those drawings in the paper within seconds by using both eyes to force them over each other and locking them in so that the differences go transparent.
    I can also use the same trick to view stereographs without the viewer.

    I discovered that I can assess the true magnification of binoculars by using one eye as a live viewer and then overlaying the other eye's view through the binocular.
    If you do this while looking at a ruler, you should be able to easily see that overlaying the big view of the ruler onto the small live view of the unaided eye can give EXACT magnification factors. (10 cm will be exactly the same size as 1cm on the magnified view ) Just be aware that some 8x binoculars from China are labelled as 10x..

    The most surprising thing that I discovered is that not everyone can do this. In fact, some people can't do any of these at all.
    I have been in situations where I've tried to teach people to do some of these things and discovered that they do not have, or can't develop the ability to do it. To the point that one senior officer in the military thought that I was having him on and got really angry.

    I've also been surprised that not everyone can remember the faces and names of people that they went to primary school with. Not everyone can recognise people that they haven't seen since primary school.
    I was stunned to discover when I was 11 that not everyone reads at over 800 words per minute either.

    Oddly enough, people are different in their abilities to do things which cannot be immediately discerned by just looking at them. For instance, I have friends who drive BMW's. I assumed that everyone had to know what an indicator was, and how it was used to get a license to drive.
    Apparently not.
    Just looking at my friends does not tell you this information if their key fobs are not in their pockets.

    While I'm in favour of just killing people who can't do the things that I can do easily, apparently this is not acceptable in today's enlightened society. I point out that we're not so enlightened because hey, President Trump, Brexit and just all of Australian Politics.

    So this is why we have general advice for handling the people who do not know WHY they're having trouble with their master eyes and being cross dominant.

    Some of us have independently learned to avoid issues by using transferrable skillsets that nobody knew would be an asset to archery until the situation arose.
    You can't tell who will have problems until they're on the spot.
    Just be thankful that BMW don't produce archery equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy! View Post
    Just be thankful that BMW don't produce archery equipment.
    The BMW bow... Limbs and riser are expensive optional extras.... 😜😄

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy! View Post

    While I'm in favour of just killing people who can't do the things that I can do easily...
    Well all I can say is...

    An archers only opponent is his mind.

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    Nice post Andy!.
    I sometimes think that being perfect puts me in a unique position of being able to criticise everyone, in the sure and perfect knowledge that I am right.
    Then I come on here and get "a dose of reality" from Andy!

    It is fascinating, I find, that we sometimes expect others to be able to do what we take for granted. We expect them to understand what we say... in the way that we meant it. "School children make tasty snacks," was a headline in our local paper. It never mentioned what they tasted like. Did they eat the nice ones or the troublemakers?
    Communicating isn't as easy as it can seem; because it has to be two way otherwise we are just chatting to ourselves and making no contact with anyone else.
    Once, I had a universal joint to disassemble to replace the roller bearings. I asked our friendly garage bloke how to go about it. He said,"Just knock it about a bit."
    I thought he was being a bit evasive and wanting me to pay him to do the work. When I got under the car and removed the drive shaft etc etc, I found that the only way to get the Uv joint apart was to knock it about with a hammer. The truth of what he had said was not obvious until after I had succeeded with the task.

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