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Thread: Longbow Coaching

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    Tabs, clickers, gloves, all mysteries to me.
    I think gloves are to keep your hands warm.
    I use tabs when I use my browser.
    Clickers make it easier to keep tabs on the counting when measuring with a trundle wheel.
    That's a different sort of tab from the one on the browser, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold's Eye,It wasn't me View Post
    Don't want to sound like a broken record but we pull a string with an arrow on it and relax our hand to let the string push our fingers out of the way. Is there any difference to what a recurve archer does?

    Have you ever seen a top recurver using a glove?

    Does anyone know why longbowers are associated with gloves?

    A well worn in glove may well work as well as a tab but is accuracy lost until the glove is worn in - is the same true for a new tab (possibly so but if you even ventured a thought to this question I would say - why even consider a glove instead of a tab?). If you truly believe a glove offers something more than a tab then I would love to hear why you think that - sorry Oldnut I don't get your point about not having to look and not catching on the string?

    Geoffretired I do agree it's about personal choice but I just want people to think about avoiding an automatic - "Oh you shoot Longbow you need a glove" approach to coaching.

    Hope this slight deviation to the thread is useful to all looking at advising/coaching longbow particularly the opening poster who is obviously seeking to understand the longbow situation a little better. It looks like there are some great advisors on here (myself aside of course )
    I completely agree, I shoot AGB field archery longbow, and all the top archers there shoot with tabs. I think that there's a reason why. As I said before I used to use a glove (When I was younger and went for what "looked good" and was "traditional") then I tried a tab and added 10% to my score, I've never looked back. As for gloves being more traditional, I doubt it, after all how simple and easy is a tab to make?

    Quote Originally Posted by oldnut View Post
    what I mean is (if I can explain properly) the tab points toward your fingertips, when I went to go toward the string to pull the string it would go between the tab and my fingers , which meant i had to look at my hand which took he flow out of my shot whereas with a glove it feels more natural and flows better
    I've never had that problem, put your hand in front of the string and pull back onto it, no problem. A tab takes a little more getting used to but is well worth it. Go for a simple multi layer tab such as the Gompy tab or black widow and you'll soon wonder why you ever used a glove.

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    thanks but after modding the glove I have become very comfortable using it, I am not one for seeking out little bits here and there I do it for relaxation and fun. it may well make a small difference but in the meantime it would take away the relaxation part of things, plus I am a stick in the mud, if it works.....

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