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Thread: bare shaft tuning wooden arrows

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    Andy S has got it right concerning " perpendicular" the arrows are not sloping left or right nor up or down. What I would consider a good result.
    I think there is confusion still about arrows waving. I am not sure what is correct any more??
    Bareshafts shoot in a way that is different from fletched ones.
    If they are a poor match, they flex like any other arrows, but they also visibly rotate when viewed from above. To clarify that, they start off, let's saying pointing at 12 0'clock.( imagine a clock face on the ground where 12 0'clock is straight ahead towards the gold) After travelling further that rotation has continued so the shaft is now pointing at 11 o'clock. Later it will be 10 o'clock then 9 o'clock. If it strikes the boss just before it is at 9 o'clock; there is often a permanent bend put into the shaft as the tail continues to move after the point stops. This rotation in one direction not only causes the shaft to strike the boss at a flat angle( less than 90 deg) it also causes the shaft to fly away to one side of the fletched group.
    I think this is what Michael Burrows is talking about and why he starts at close range; so the rotation is small enough at the beginning and he only continues to longer distances if the increase is slow, and arrows land close enough to 11 o'clock to be of little danger to the shafts.
    Fletched arrows have that rotation, taken out of the flight, by the fletchings dragging the back into line. There might be some overswing so the arrows may end up in the target showing the nocks to be one side or the other.
    But the steering effect has sent the fletched arrows along a different flight path from the bareshafts.
    The arrows flexing; we cannot see. The arrows waving as the fletching drag the back round, we can see. The bareshafts rotating or swinging off to one side we can see.


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