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Thread: Chrono scores

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolerus View Post
    Don't want to question you Maths... Well I do a bit. But FPS X mass of arrow...... Would t that give you a higher number the heavier the arrow,. Which surely can't be right?
    Not sure who you were replying to, but the energy of a projectile is proportional to its mass and its velocity squared. An arrow twice as heavy at the same velocity has twice the kinetic energy. An arrow of the same mass twice as fast has four times the kinetic energy.

    My suggestion was if you can establish the energy storage capacity of a pair of limbs at a certain draw length, and its energy efficiency, you have a method to estimate the velocity of your arrow from the new limbs (subject to all kinds of caveats).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lammas View Post
    According to Ashby, arrow penetration is roughly proportional to momentum, and not to KE.
    Not that it matters for modern target shooting, but I'm sure our hunting and warfaring ancestors were well aware of that.
    Well, technically it's proportional to both since KE is v/2 x momentum. Although the momentum in question is at point of impact rather than at initial release.
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    The kicker is that pushing up mass doesn't always push down velocity by the same amount. So you can get an increase in momentum with a heavier shaft... Which in turn can mean slightly more downrange speed... (or more correctly, downrange speed doesn't drop by as much relative to the initial velocity as with a lighter shaft). But when you measure efficiency, do you judge the velocity at (a) launch, or the velocity at (b) impact? (a) is easier, but (b) is arguably a better measure of performance...
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