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Thread: Chrono scores

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    The arrows were brand new ace in the correct spine (on the charts). For the poundage. But of course if the SF were a lot slower,. It could have made them too stiff.

    But that is the point. How could you possibly know that brand X 36 lb limbs are so massively slower than brand y 36lb limbs. With out some kind of benchmark standard,. Which is why I started this project.

    It won't be scientificaly perfect,. But at least it will give an idea.

    Currently I have 6 sets of limbs at home, and am looking for an extra set...

    SF 36lb....mine possibly faulty.
    Inno ex power 36 to give back
    Same friend borrowed me 2 more sets to try last week..
    Kg (cant remember model) 36lb
    Hoyt 990 38lb
    I also have my old 40lb win win inno power (before the ex). Which I can't shoot for long at the moment as I'm recovering
    And SF long 36... Don't get on with them but can use them.

    The ace I have should be ok with all of them according to Easton charts...

    So it's a start. As soon as I get a free weekend day I'll be taking the chrono outside and shooting all them and see what difference I can see... As a start.


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    A lot has been discussed in this thread and I think a lot of " complications" have been highlighted. Complications that could give some results that are inaccurate, which would lead to confusing results, possibly.
    I am not saying "don't try" but it is worth looking at some aspects of your own limbs that could lead to confused results.
    For example the Sf limbs that show stiff, are they really the same draw weight as the other limbs, at your draw length?
    Do they give the same BH on the same string? If not, then they have different power stroke lengths.

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