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Thread: Importing a bow to UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timid Toad View Post
    Only if you haven't used it, ie it might be used, but new to you, so it might attract duty. But if you have used it it's no different to a bow you might have taken with you and are bringing back.
    HMRC Reference:Notice 143 section 3.2 states...

    "3.2 Is duty charged on used goods? "

    "Used goods are still liable to the same duty and VAT charges as if they were new. However, their value may vary depending on their age and condition."

    There is no classification/mention of whether you have used the item in the USA before importing into the UK and it would be handy if this source of information was referenced.
    When I was working in the states I had to have a record of all equipment taken out so I was not charged when coming back to the UK. Sometimes it was listed as test equipment, sometimes itemised depending on the officer. However this was 15 years ago and things might have changed.
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    Yes, that's the thing, if you go out with no bow or bowcase, that might raise eyebrows, but if you go out with a case full of the usual archer's palaver and come back with the same (but with an extra bow, no new packaging etc) you aren't going to have a problem.

    I've had this: they've opened my case on the way in, seen the cacophony of my bag, had no idea of what most of it is, let alone how much is in there and then everything has flowed neatly from there.
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    Don't put the invoice in your wallet, its the first place they look and if the date is within your travel dates even if you have used it they can charge duty.

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