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Thread: FITA Skills and Drills

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben tarrow View Post
    For me, (I've also been in archery for some 40 years and a coach for 20 years) the biggest change is that these skills and drills are being taught to our coaches to teach to beginners and novices. What we all once thought of as "advanced" and "olympic squad" methods of training are now being taught as basics for grass roots archers.

    A massive revelation for me as a coach of many years standing, was a seminar in which Lloyd Brown, coach of top archers, said "this is what you should be teaching your beginners"
    Imagine that, an olympic coach talking about teaching beginners and grass roots archers
    But isn't it great that the national organisations are trying to help at the 'grass roots'. I think it's fantastic that there is a general willingness to share information about does and doesn't work
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    I remember the articles (that they were there), but the oldest thing I can immediately see from FITA is the L1 & L2 manuals from 2003...
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    At least I'm not going mad. I've reached out to Pascal Colmaire to see if he can assist. Been about 10 years since I've spoken to him. Where has the time gone!
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