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Thread: Missing Longbow & Set of Arrows

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    UPS tend to employ the most trustworthy of delivery/courier staff so i wouldnt think it has been taken by one of them.
    At my old business's nearest depot they ahd a 40ft container in the yard and everything that couldnt be delivered went in that and the idea was it got rescanned as retuned to depot and then taken out and placed on the van and scanned as being out for delivery agin the next day.
    When they get busy one or other of these rescans gets missed ( bloke at depot gone home when it is returned most likely) and thus it gets put in the container but is showing as still being on the van. Needless to say no-one who has contrao of the parcel is ever at the depot the same time as the other person so it just keeps getting missed unless soemone goes through the whole container before anytjing gets rescanned to be reallocated for delivery. Presumably (like RM) after about 6 months they just send them to a disposal centre where some of it gets sold at auction and the rest goes to landfill.
    getting a name at the delivery centre and then arranginging a visit works wonders as it puts them on a spot and they will often actually go and have a look for the physical object rather than just staring at a piece of paper and screen to fathom it out.

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