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Thread: Fletching glue and the rain

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    Fletching glue and the rain

    I've never had this issue before but I put new fletchings on my daughter's arrows a few weeks ago. I used a new tube of glue. I cleaned the shafts with isopropyl alcohol first. She shot them at a tournament all fletchings survived. She shot them at a couple of practices with no issues, then at the last shoot it was raining for most of the session. Again none of the fletchings came off. She has come to shoot this morning (a couple of days after shooting in the rain) and all of her fletchings have fallen off in the arrow tube. She just has a set of bare shafts!

    I've never known anything like it, has this happened to anyone else?

    I've used the same brand of glue previously and never had an issue.

    Any advice to stop it happening again?

    The shafts are alloys. They are simple Easton tributes. They have been fletched once before.

    The glue is bohning fletch-tite platinum.

    The fletchings are bohning shield X vanes.

    I use a fletching jig, I apply a bead of glue to the fletching then stick it on. I leave each fletching for 5 minutes in the jig. I apply a dot of glue to the leading edge and trailing edge of each fletching once all fletchings are stuck on.





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