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Thread: Bareshaft - different spine, same result - light draw weight

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    Bareshaft - different spine, same result - light draw weight

    I have been helping one of the girls in our club to tune her bow and check her arrow spine, and I'm stumped, so hoping someone else can shed some light on this...

    Basically, she has a very short draw length due to being quite small, so is shooting a Hoyt riser with short Hoyt 820 limbs, 40lb, but actually drawing 32lb.

    She has two sets of arrows, both ACC's, 1150 spine and 1500 spine.

    So set up the bow, arrows aligned just left of string, sight centred above shaft etc.

    Started with the 1150 arrows (should be stiff according to Easton chart)

    To get fletched arrows in the centre, button pressure is very soft, really really soft.... Shibuya button, softest spring, then the adjuster would out pretty much all the way.

    Bare shafts go left of the group, around 9 o/c white on a 122cm face at 30m.

    Changed to 1500 spine arrows

    Fletched arrows impact high and slightly right compared to 1150's, 2 o/c red.

    Bare shaft is still showing stiff, 9 o/c red/blue

    I was expecting a two spine change to bring the bare shafts much further over than I saw today?

    My biggest concern is how soft the button has ended up, could it be so soft now the arrow is bouncing off the riser? There is no sign of contact on the riser or shaft, and no noise?
    Would that explain the slightly odd bare shaft results seen too?


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