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Thread: Limb alignment (again)

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    Limb alignment (again)

    Hi everyone, first post on the forum, recently joined after lurking for some time.
    I noticed recently that the string was not lying correctly in the top limb groove. The set up is Samick Ideal riser and Samick Impress wood/fibre limbs making a 70 inch bow of 28lb. The riser, limbs and string are all relatively new purchased together in March this year. Using the Beiter limb guages and lining up the string with the limb bolts I can achieve a good line up on three of the marks but never four no matter how I alter the limbs on the riser using the lateral adjustment. I read the sticky on limb alignment and placing two (unbent) arrows accross the riser and with the help of an assistant I found that there was a 1 cm discrepancy between the right and left side of the bow. I've got the alignment down to the best I can but the string does not look to be lying cleanly in the groove.
    I've read Minamotos thread and at the risk of repeating that I don't know where to go next. Given all of the above, does this mean that either the riser is bent or one or both limbs are twisted? Hoping some of the more experienced forum members can advise.


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    Try different limbs. Borrow some if you don't have spares and repeat the checks. Two arrows across the limbs close to the riser would show if the riser is twisted, further away from the riser shows limb problems. Doing it with different limbs eliminates the possibility of a mutant limb problem. You could reverse the limbs and see if the problem transfers. Top to bottom, bottom to top. If the problem transfers then it's the limb.

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    Thanks chuffalump, yes I tried the arrows across the limbs right next to the riser and there was a whole centimetre difference between right and left. I'll try reversing the limbs as I don't have any others and don't know anyone well enough at the group to ask to borrow theirs. My worst fear is that my riser is out of true.

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    With elastic bands, it is possible to keep arrows in close contact with the limb surface, single handed. Place the limb on a table and put an elastic band beneath the limb so each end of the band sticks out. Pull up those ends and thread an arrow through each end loop as if pushing a needle through. If you arrange two arrows like that at strategic points along the limb, you can test to see if the limb is bent. It could be that the "seating" of the butt of one limb is not allowing the limbs to seat in the riser as it should.

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