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  1. The form continues....

    The past couple of months have really been kinda weird for me...

    At the start of the indoor season, my shooting was on a part with the previous few years - hovering around the 500/510 mark. Suddenly, I am now shooting 530/540+.

    As mentioned before, I think the 2 key factors have been 1. dropping poundage and 2. focus in the target, not my form.

    Last night, I felt that the bubble had completely burst. I wasn't happy with the way I was shooting at all ...
  2. Consistancy...

    After a Tuesday session last week that went so well I stopped scoring I took the week off and came to last night's session all fresh. I managed a rather dirty 574 (portsmouth). I say dirty as while I was shooting 57's, 58's and a 59 I started with a 55 and had another 55 midway through.

    I know that it wasn't until the last third of the shoot that my shooting started to feel more fluid, indeed if I'd given myself nine sighters instead of six the 58 I shot once I finished the round ...
  3. Reflections on Nimes


    Long distance travel was hard work and tiring
    Archery after long distance travel and not a lot of practice was hard work
    Watching the worlds best archers was inspirational and *FUN*

    The competition (for me)

    Was a non-event.

    Practice on the Friday afternoon felt so bad that I stopped trying to shoot on the 3-spot face after a couple of dozen and just aimed at the boss, trying
  4. Indoors... sort of...

    Couple of weekends ago I got the chance to shoot 70m indoors at Eaton Mannor. And it was fun. To say that I shot poorly on the Saturday would be an understatement. I could have quite happily have gone home after the first 720. A bit better in the second, poorly in the handicaped H2H's... it wasn't a good day.

    That includes giving up using my X10's after the first round as they were getting very gunky. I don't know what the bosses were (someone said they were new Danage ones) but they ...
  5. Just to show I am not dead again,

    Haven't picked up a bow since the other weekend at Westcott again, I was intending to go to WAMDSAD on Saturday but was too ill again this is really beginning to get me down again. I am sick of being sick.
    I miss archery so much but never seem to be able to shoot. Whenever I fell well enough there is nowhere to go and when there is somewhere to go I don't feel well. Part of the problem is the facilities are restrictive I guess, the timings for shooting are about 7:30 pm onwards and there ...