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Grasping at the positives...

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Last weekend I shot the British Field Champs at Overton and like I promised myself I shot it with the BT... though not the Evo as I had practiced that on the Friday before and it hadn't been going as well as the hinge... so hinge it was!!

The first day shooting in The Combe was... interesting... Not so much shooting the hinge but trying to shoot in the strong blustery wind... Wow... coming across the top was tough but I got through it before getting into the second half which was mostly in the wood and was a bit calmer. I did ok, but tended to shoot two spots and through one out into the 4 or 3 with a shot that just drifted as it went off. 337 (166/171) was lower than I'd have liked, but four 3's, a 2 and a miss certainly pulled it down some.

The Sunday was the longer marked round in The Warren and it started with a toughie... ~30 degree uphill, 45m 60cm face... my first shot took too long and just as I was about to come down went off... low 2. The next two were much stronger shots and gave me a pair of 5's to finish. Alas it was very representive of how my first half was going to go... 5,4,3/12, 4,4,4/12, 6,4,4/14... It wasn't until I was into the second half of the round that I discovered that not only had my scope been slowly rotating, the windage had also been moving... it did explain why I had so many first shots to the left that required a windage change... but that's something for a forum post.

Coming through the last quarter I started punching the release (yes, punching a hinge!!) and once it started I just couldn't stop... I knew what I needed was a nice close big face so I could just concentrate on the middle and let it go... what I got instead was 20m bunnies and long four-faces... and it just got so fustrating. I knew how to shoot, I knew what I was supposed to do... and I just couldn't stop myself from doing it wrong!!

In the end I was forced to break out the Evo for the last three targets, an uphill 50m, a steeper uphill 55m and then a downhill 40m 60cm face... and back being able to aim in the middle again.

There were certainly some positives that I can take out of this... I was able to shoot the first day with the hinge, and when I made good shots (on both days) the arrow tended to be good. With the sight moving as it was I know that a number of my first arrow '4 at 9 o'clock' is due to that and not just to me.

Alas a 308 (157/151) is a PW and a 645... well, I know the course was tough and long (and windy on the first day) but it was a lot lower than I'd have liked....

... but never mind... it's The Masters next weekend... what could go wrong??

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  1. fanio's Avatar
    will you be shooting the hinge?
  2. geoffretired's Avatar
    When using a different kind of release aid,for the first time, it is very easy( seems normal) to think about how you are operating it. Do you think you were "too conscious" of the hinge?
  3. bimble's Avatar
    The idea is to shoot the hinge... I can (and have) shot ends of 58 with it (and down to 52) at 50m so I know I can shoot it well... it's just doing it consistantly... and yes, I could have said the same about the trigger!!

    I have shot the hinge on occasion before, so it wasn't a totally new experience... though before I had never even shot it for an entire training session let alone for an entire competition. I was always very conscious of it, especially on the draw as I was always worried of it going off at that point. That hasn't been a problem as yet (though I did have one shot at Overton where it went off when my thumb came off the peg). The shot process is becoming more automatic, but I do find myself taking my thumb off the peg, tucking it in and then resting it on the nail of my index finger... which only makes it that much harder for the release to rotate in my hand!! I'll be there, pulling and pulling thinking, "just go off," realise my thumb is on my finger, loosening it a bit a boom!!... but I'm getting better at that!!
  4. barney41262's Avatar
    try relaxing the index finger as well as pulling with the other fingers,only a wee bit though.


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