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    Why we both love & hate 'muricans....

    One of my cousins and a friend of his decided to see what happens when you mix fertilizer with sugar. His friend lost one of his hands - but my cousin was just far enough away to escape serious injury.
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    Out of Date Adverts

    Is there any way of removing 'well out of date' adverts from the 'Archers Mart' forum. I just looked for some arrows and saw that many eBay adverts have ended more than a month ago. It must consume a lot of data space on the site as well as being very annoying to see an item you find interest in...
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    Arrow Holder Foam Blocks DIY?

    I have just purchased, on ebay, 10 round eva foam arrow holders from China for £4.00. I don't mind the wait at that price, and of course I can be doing something else instead of making them!
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    [English Longbow] Longbow: height of nocking point

    I often read about the height of the nocking point and usually the author fails to state whether they are talking about the top of the bottom nock or the bottom of the top nock! I usually assume (which I should not do really) it is the top of the bottom nock.
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    Easton Navigator Arrows

    Can someone tell me what the differences are between Easton Navigator and Easton ACG arrows are. Thank you
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    Dynamic tiller

    Is that the article that shows a protractor placed over the image? Why use a printed image and a plastic protractor (that can interfere with the view under it). If it is a digital picture. Put it in some graphic/paint application and use the software's line drawing facility to check the angles...
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    'Robin who'? I have found some solutions. I changed the point weight to 70 grains from 100 grains. The balance point is near as dammit FOC 10%. I reduced the weight of the heaviest shaft to the next weight down. I put to one side the 3 lightest shafts - which I will try and match to a set of...
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    'Have you tried adjusting weight by using different coloured fletchings' No that never occured to me! Interesting suggestion.
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    My supplier has a good reputation for quality. I think the variation is in the fact that I make footed shafts. The weight variation is probably due to differences in the hardwood (American Walnut) footings I use.
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    Good morning DEl. Thanks for the reply. Your advice makes perfect sense. I am undecided as to whether make the heavier arrows match, as close as reasonable, the lighter ones, or the other way round. Or go for the mid weight and try an adjust to that. I will have a look at the the link you...
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    Arrow weights and point weights

    I am in the midst of making a set of 12 longbow wooden arrows. Currently they weigh between 408 and 351 grains. The balance points are all just in front of the ideal, meaning the front is slightly heavier that the rear section. I am hoping that using a lighter point, 100 > 70 grains, on the...
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    Hoyt GMX Riser

    GMX Hoyt R/H 25" handle. This is my 2nd riser and has had very little use. It is in excellent condition apart from one very small scratch as shown in the picture. It as the 'pro' tiller bolts and I will leave the Shibuya arrow rest on it. I would like £265.00 posted within the UK. Recently the...
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    Wanted: Arrow Footing Jig

    Whilst I was waiting for a reply I made a footing jig for use with my router. How do I mark this thread as 'Closed'?
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    Endless Loop String Jig

    Thanks for the replies. I have just returned from a machine shop where they turned down some 12mm round bar for me. Job done!