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    Theft of archery equipment at GNAM at Lilleshall

    On the final day of GNAM at Lilleshall yesterday we were dismayed to find that a number of archers had had equipment stolen from their tents overnight. Most of the equipment stolen appears to be scopes, but one longbow archer lost all his lovingly crafted arrows, arrow tubes and trolley as well...
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    First visit to Dunster - any tips?

    I went a bit mad with booking competitions, so after our club longbow tournament tomorrow we will be driving down to Somerset for 5 days shooting at Dunster (followed by GNAM and NCB longbow tournament, but that's another story). This will be our first Dunster week, so looking for any tips...
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    A 3 Clout end with my longbow

    Just had a brilliant day at the Bramcote Metric Clout, shooting longbow for the first time instead of barebow. In fact, I only got this bow on Friday as the previous bow couldn't make the distance. Didn't know if this would work either so was really pleased to get 4 arrows scoring in the first...
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    First longbow medals

    Just had a great weekend at the Chester Indoor Weekend. This was my first competition shooting longbow. Very chuffed to get a bronze medal in the Individuals on Saturday and Most Golds (Lady Longbow) on Sunday!
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    2015 Clout Rankings

    The 2015 Clout Rankings are now available on the Northern Counties Archery Society website.
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    Barebow First 4 Clout end (Imperial)

    Had a great time at Shropshire County Clout and Open this weekend. It was a Double 2-way Imperial Clout. Not only did I get the Ladies Barebow Open Gold Medal but I shot a 4-clout end. So I am feeling very pleased with myself! Pity there is no such thing as a 3-clout badge for shooting barebow!
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    Barebow British Barebow (Indoor) Championships 29 November 2015

    The XIV British Barebow (Indoor) Championships is being held on 29th November 2015 at 6 centres around the UK. It is a British Record status WA18m round on a full size 40cm face. You can shoot it at one of the following centres. Pentref Bowmen, Rhondda (9.00), 11.30, 14.15hrs Bowmen of...
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    My first Master Bowman score!

    Had a great time at the Kendal Clout Weekend and got my first ever Master Bowman score in either clout or target! And I won a lovely silver medal as the 2nd Lady Barebow! And I claimed a red tassel (GNAS)! And I think I can claim a new Cheshire County record for a Double One Way Clout (GNAS). So...
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    Cheshire County Field Championships 10/11th October 2015

    Only a couple of weeks to go to Cheshire County Bowmen's Open Field Shoot, incorporating the Cheshire Field Championships. Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2015 at Stable Lane, Mouldsworth, Cheshire. FITA 24, marked and unmarked. This is my first field competition, but I'm having a go and...
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    First Clout Tassels

    Just had a great time at the Cheshire Tri Clout and got my first tassels - a white on Saturday, a black on Sunday and a red on Monday. And I came 3rd in the Cheshire Clout Championship, Ladies Barebow! Thanks to everyone there, we had such a good time that we have booked for Kendal at the end of...
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    Got my first National Ranking!

    Today I did my 3rd 70m shoot, so with those and the 2 WA1440s I did earlier, that means I will get my first ever National Ranking for Barebow. I've still got a few more shoots to try and improve my scores before the end of the season. Even if I come bottom of the rankings (which is quite...
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    First clout

    Just done my first ever clout! Great fun at Neston, good weather, great atmosphere and everyone so helpful to a couple of newbies. Only 6 points off a white tassel, but better half (definitely better!) was same amount off a black tassel. Not far off winning the prize for the most whites, but...
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    Showing off my new medal!

    The postman has just delivered a wonderful surprise. A beautiful medal for me as the Runner-up in the Ladies Masters category of the National Barebow Indoor Championships! Not bad as I had only been shooting for just over 18 months when I won it. And I got a County Record! :cloud9::poulies:
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    First County Championship Medal and County records

    I'm feeling very chuffed with myself! Yesterday I got 3 certificates for county records (Ladies Barebow Windsor, National and FITA 18) and then I won the Cheshire County Indoor Championship (again Ladies Barebow). Not bad after only 2 years! Especially as I've never done much sport since...
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    Bowman classification and first Double FITA

    After taking up archery 18 months ago I have now achieved Bowman classification and last week did my first double FITA at the British Target Championships. I came 3rd in my category (Ladies barebow). OK, so there were only 2 others, but I didn't do too badly for a beginner! I shot bowman on...