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  • Its all about having fun...shoot well on Sunday, do us proud. I have a 6th birthday party to host for my son so can't make it :(
    Thats great to hear...glad its going right for someone. I have knocked coaching and practice on the head for a bit, work is crazy and I can't practice as much as I need to so just giving a break at the mo. Hope to see you soon, you shooting Cleve weekend?
    Awww....i made a chocolate fudge cake today and the kitchens a mess...who knew I would need so many bowls!! I should be washing up :(

    Now I remember why I don't bake....
    Was oncall at the hospital last night, came off shift at 8am this morning so at home today...
    Why whats your excuse ;)
    Wow congratulations on the elusive 570.....as yet no where near for me. Was shooting well myself last night with a 113,114 and 117 then messed it up with a 105..:( ended on a 556 so not completely useless but could do better. Well done sharp shooter!
    Hows the arm Andy?......that'd looked really painful! That was suffering for your sport..
    580 is a good national !! 33 handicap, with sight marks who knows where you would be :cheerful: Are at the dome wednesday ??
    Off to awful start.... got a bit confused by sighters. Well I thought they were sighters -everyone else was shooting first scoring end !!, Anyway i shot 5 arrows and after deductions penalties ended up with 6 for first end !! Managed to cobble together 500 though so not too disapointed. Would rather have been outdoors though... you ?
    don't remember paying??....Don't tell Ian!! See you bright and early in the morning then.
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