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  • Thanks for the good luck message - Seemed to go really well, will find out Monday so fingers crossed !! :eek:ptimist:

    Thats the best trophy I've ever'll be on target for that babes no worries Px
    The novices tournament is held at Leamington Spa on 10th May. See link
    Its a really good low pressure shoot and an ideal way of getting "hooked" on competitions. Entry form is on web site but am sure DAS will have all the details for you. We try and make a point of sending all of our novices each year.
    If she hasnt already mentioned it you should ask Princess how she got on when she went :veryhappy:

    Hope you are ready for your big night tonight !!
    Your new bow looks very you can't wait for Thursday?! Hope you had a lovely birthday and was thoroughly spoiled like you deserve to be. x x x
    Huppy Biffday for yesterday...Soz I forgot it.. Should have made some noise about it... Mwah.. oooh, its today!!
    Huppy Biffday for yesterday...Soz I forgot it.. Should have made some noise about it... Mwah
    Happy Birthday Claire !! :cake3::cake3::cake3: :beer:

    If your scores increase as fast as your "posts" you will be GMB in no time :cheerful:

    Have a great day

    You are so wrong! I really seriously don't have expensive tastes! :rotfl:
    You called me a Goth hence the whole clothes thing - I'm guessing I could join the darkside?!!! :darkside:
    Remind me how we got to the being dressed bit...!!??? And I imagine you have expensive tastes!
    Great to meet you this afternoon - am sure you will see instant results from your purchases - good luck on Thursday !! :cheerful:
    So you updating your profile then with your new purchases.....what ya get?

    Hope you had a good time....I still haven't finished my arrows :(

    No its the other end of the village to the Worcester bowmen venue. Our indoor has changed to the King Charles school this season and is very spacious. I used to live in Stourport until we moved to Worcester 18 months ago...worked at Kidder hosp for 8 years!
    Our outdoor venue is outside Kidderminster....towards Harvington. Its location isn't on the website for security reasons. You are very welcome as a visitor in the summer :) xxx
    Hiya Just got back from seeing janice at the shop and am on such a high from spending hehe! Have a gorgeous new sight (don't tell lividpig!) and weights, V-bar and arrows, Can't wait to shoot them all. Am going back on Sunday to set my new arrows up under Janices guidance, so will probably be finishing up as you arrive. Looking forward to seeing you x
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